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Currently, the process of analyzing weather conditions with traditional computers sometimes takes longer than the change in the weather itself. 

But the ability of quantum computers to process large amounts of data, in a short period of time, could indeed lead to improved modeling of weather systems that allow scientists to predict changing weather patterns in a short period of time and with great accuracy — something that is important for now. when the world is experiencing climate change.

Weather forecasts include several variables to consider, such as barometric pressure, temperature, and air density. Which makes it difficult to predict accurately. 

The Applications Quantum Computing

Know machine learning can help in improving pattern recognition. Which in turn will make it easier for scientists to predict extreme weather events and potentially save thousands of lives every year. 
We’ve all faced times when we see a sunny weather forecast, and as soon as we step outside, the weather starts to drop. Weather forecasts are never 100% accurate.

In 2017, a researcher from Russia published 

a paper proposing the possibility  Quantum computers predict the weather more accurately than classical computers.

There are certain limitations that our computers face today in predicting all the complex weather changes. The main problem in predicting the weather correctly is the involvement of large amounts of data.
With the help of the Dynamic Quantum Clustering (DQC) methodology, Applications Quantum Computing Know expects to speed up data processing to give us more accurate weather forecasts.